Basset Hound | Drink wine and play with my Basset Hound | White Edition


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It’s one of those days, you are feeling so relaxed, so calm and peaceful with yourself. It gets even better, you just remembered that you have, deep in your basement, hidden from curious eyes, a bottle of a magnificent, rightly aged crystal clear wine. What a feeling! The cork has popped, the smell fill out the room and the first seep is like a touch from heaven- perfection! But wait, there still something that bothers you, something, something is missing, you still have plenty of positive energy and love to share! Of course, your Basset Hound! The answer is simple, you just want to drink wine and play with your Basset Hound. Your Basset Hound does not ask, your Basset Hound simply gives. What does he or she gives is unconditional love. It’s you, your Basset Hound and a glass of wine - your day is complete!

What are the occasions to wear this Basset Hound and Wine shirt? I would wear it on my wedding too, if you ask me, but there are more suitable occasions to make an impression like Basset Hound gatherings, Basset Hound training sessions, a walk in the park or just when you go for a drink with your Basset Hound pals.

This funny Basset Hound and Wine shirt is a great gift for every Basset Hound owner, lover or fan. Not a single Basset Hound mom or Basset Hound dad will remain senseless. It is a great piece of Basset Hound clothing, a collectable shirt for every single Basset Hound apparel enthusiast and, especially, a super funny Basset Hound shirt.
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