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It´s more than just a dog, it´s a way of life! This Basset Hound shirt says it all, Basset Hounds are special and they can, in fact they will, change your life. This Basset Hound shirt is so special that is fast becoming an essential piece of your Basset Hound apparel collection. If you are searching for a funny piece of Basset Hound clothing, you came to the right place. Grab this Basset Hound shirt now, your Basset Hound friends will not stop laughing. This Basset Hound shirt is also a great Basset Hound gift idea for your family member, partner or for a friend that owns a Basset Hound. It´s more than just a dog, it´s a way of life!

You can wear this T- shirt at Basset Hound events, shows, Basset Hound meetings, Basset Hound training, for long walks in the park, hanging out with other Basset Hound friends...

The It´s more than just a dog, it´s a way of life! T-shirt is a great gift idea for every Basset Hound owner, your Basset Hound pals will absolutely adore this unique piece of Basset Hound apparel. It can be a great conversation opener or simply a funny way to say how much you love your Basset Hound.
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