About us

Tina and Jani founded ToonTyphoon in spring of 2016 with a goal to share love, passion and hobbies throughout T-shirts, mugs and other cool gadgets. Sharing love is the mission, spreading good vibrations is the result, so join ToonTyphoon, become a member of our family!

About Tina:
Born in the distant year of 1978 Tina cultivated a huge passion for animals, especially dogs, throughout her life. Once a proud owner of 5 German Boxers she recently switched to another fabulous breed, the English Bulldog. In her case, a supersonically cute female Bulldog named Lola. Otherwise… in 1997 she met Jani, the other owner of ToonTycoon. It was the year 2010 when they became proud parents of a beautiful princess named Lia and in 2013 Tina gave birth to a little knight named Marcus too. She is keen to transfer her love for animals to her children, educating and teaching them how to respect, take care and love them as a full members of our family.
Tina’s passions: spending time with her family including Lola too, go to the movies, photography, stand-up comedy, cooking.

About Jani:
Yeah, he is from 1977, that's like once upon a time. He was, and still is a car guy, a petrolhead, but since he met Tina, he started to grow a passion for dogs too. He has become a big Bulldog fan especially after Lola joined the family. He is also the official and, honestly, only ToonTycoon designer.
Jani's passions: like Tina... spending time with her family including Lola too, go to the movies, driving his Mini Cooper S as much as he can.